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Why Mysticism Matters

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This is a beautifully written article on mysticism, enlightenment and why it is important.

It completely resonates with my thoughts and feelings on the subject.

As I slept

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As I slept on my side of the bed

I heard you get in and whisper  in my ear,

‘wake up, wake up’

As I struggled to react

I felt your body against mine

When finally I opened my eyes and turned around,

the covers were spread wide open

You were not there

Ghost of passion, shadow of feeling

Love remaining





My kind of infographic

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The Awakening | James Weldon Johnson

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I dreamed that I was a rose
That grew beside a lonely way,
Close by a path none ever chose,
And there I lingered day by day.
Beneath the sunshine and the show’r
I grew and waited there apart,
Gathering perfume hour by hour,
And storing it within my heart,
Yet, never knew,
Just why I waited there and grew.

I dreamed that you were a bee
That one day gaily flew along,
You came across the hedge to me,
And sang a soft, love-burdened song.
You brushed my petals with a kiss,
I woke to gladness with a start,
And yielded up to you in bliss
The treasured fragrance of my heart;
And then I knew
That I had waited there for you.

James Weldon Johnson

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