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Why Mysticism Matters

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This is a beautifully written article on mysticism, enlightenment and why it is important.

It completely resonates with my thoughts and feelings on the subject.

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  1. The spiritual developmental stage for 2012 is to embody the intimate, direct relationship with the transcendent Beloved; not to transcend the body and human life, but to bring the transcendent into the body and into our life, to unite the physical with the spiritual here on earth now! Be transformed!

    • Thanks for your comment. I think what you’ve said is what the article is also saying.

      • Yes! We are now going direct and intimate with All That Is! Be empowered through realizing the Spirit of God flowing within our body. Be en-light-ened by awaking to the Light found within and without. Be en-love-ened by being conscious of the Source of Love found within your heart! Let the Living Water flow from above and below. Let’s get soaking Wet!!! Rain! Reign! Flow! Shine your Light! Share the Light of Love!

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