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Requiem for Detroit

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Requiem for Detroit

This is a documentary film about the decay and industrial collapse of the city of Detroit, Michigan, USA. This recording was shown on the BBC.

Its an illustration of the what the so called American Dream actually looks likes and shows the mesmerizing abandoned buildings. There aren’t many places in the world where you can see disused skyscrapers and upmarket hotels. The images are sad, nostalgic, intriguing and beautiful all at the same time. A few photographers have taken pictures of all the abandoned buildings in the city and there are some fantastic images. I particularly like the images where nature has reclaimed the buildings. It reminds us about how temporary our hold on the planet is. The film also touches on the urban gardening/farming movement that’s taken hold in the city which takes advantage of nature reclaiming the abandoned spaces which I think is brilliant. It also covers a bit of the car design, I particularly like the art deco, futuristic designs, all glamour and style.

My only criticism of the film is the over use of the breaking glass image and  sound effect, it’s too overblown, crass and needlessly provocative.

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