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Watch | 10 x TED Talks

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TED talks have been a source of much information, education and inspiration to me. They’ve helped me self-reflect, fed my thirst for knowledge and expanded my horizons. They contribute to helping me further myself. Here are 10 that I think should be widely watched.

This talk, along with this article has done wonders for validating what I knew to be absolutely fine about myself but which I sometimes questioned because it is knowledge that isn’t widely understood. If this were more widely acknowledged schools and workplaces would be quite different.

Ken Robinson has talked widely on this subject. There’s a really good RSA animation on the same topic . Essential viewing, it outlines what I’ve thought for a while. That the way the education system is constructed is outdated and in many ways harmful and how it can be changed utilising the knowledge we now possess.

This talk is fantastic. It tells us something vital to our understanding of humanity, a character trait that is widely seen as a weakness is actually not. This is something that I’ve always felt and is kind of understood by a few people but this talk comprehensively outlines it in full using extensive research and personal insight. What is great about this talk is that it is very like a stand-up routine its really quite funny because Brene is not only very personal but the findings she has uncovered are directly opposed to what she is like. This means she approaches the topic not by being touchy feely but very bluntly. Funny and insightful – watch and share.

This is really interesting because it’s a follow up from the previous one. In it Brene discusses the fall out from doing the talk about vulnerability and imparting such personal information. It is incredibly personal and discusses shame stating that vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.

More choice does not make you happier or give you more freedom.

Happiness is not something that happens to us. It is not based on how well our lives are going. It is not real. We make it up. Harvard psychology professor Dan Gilbert presents the scientific evidence. Various eastern philosophies have come to similar conclusions long ago. Very important to remember in these challenging times.

A passionate talk by a US lawyer about social justice. Inspiring stuff.

A wonderful talk that reminds us that people have the ability to learn and do anything that is necessary to their lives and that self belief can get you a long way.

These next two talks discuss how technology can facilitate a truly participatory society. One in which citizens actively take part and have a direct say.

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