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This is a truly fascinating documentary made in 2004 by Jessica Yu about an old gentleman who lived and died in Chicago called Henry Darger. Henry was a recluse and unusual, he worked in various menial jobs in the local hospital, including as a cleaner. He kept himself to himself, had no family or friends and lived in a single rented room. Those that encountered him said it was like he lived in a world of his own. When he died in 1973 they found out that was completely true. He left behind a 15,145-page novel and several hundred drawings and watercolour paintings.

This documentary investigates his life and how he came to produce such an amazingly imaginative and substantial body of work. The film contains animations based on his art work which illustrate the novel, of which there is a substantial amount I’m pleased to say. Without going into detail covered in the film its a powerful illustration of the power of art as a means of expression and emotional catharsis.

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  1. Reblogged this on all gray inside and commented:
    i still need to watch this

  2. Reblogged this on hannalie taute and commented:
    I finally watched this movie….beautiful! I love the way he was able to create his own realm. stay childlike. Absolutely one of my favourite outsider artists!


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