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Read | The Cosmogony of David Lynch

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First let’s start with a definition of Cosmogony from Wikipedia:

Cosmogony (or cosmogeny) is any scientific theory concerning the coming into existence (or origin) of either the cosmos (or universe), or the so-called “reality” of sentient beings. Developing a complete theoretical model has implications in both the philosophy of science and epistemology. The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model of the early development of the universe.

This article examines the Vedanta inspired spiritual philosophy that underpins David Lynch’s work.

Becky Becky album launch

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Becky Becky album launch, a set on Flickr.

Photos I took of my friends band’s album launch in the Green Door Store, Brighton. Live they are fantastic. You’ll want to check out the album, I’ve had the privilege of having it for a couple weeks before release and have been listening to it constantly

30 Dr. Suess Quotes That Can Change Your Life

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