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Look | 24 Hours of Sunsets

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24 hour of sunsets

30 Dr. Suess Quotes That Can Change Your Life

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19 Emotions for which English has no words

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This is an inforgraphic by design student Pei-Ying Lin of 19 emotions for which English has no words.

click on the image to view in full size

Another Brainpickings discovery

A Quick and Comprehensive Type Guide

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Left vs Right

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As the US presidential elections finally get underway today here’s a good infographic from the wonderful information is beautiful website about how the two sides differ.

Braun vs Apple

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This is a great illustration of where Apple gets its product design inspiration from.

Seasonal Produce Posters

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I came across these three seasonal produce infographics for fruits, vegetables and herbs. They look more stylish than they are useful however, I like them. An example of the fruits one is below, hit the link for the others and to order posters of them.


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