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Look | Becky Becky Album Launch

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On Friday 23 May Becky Becky launched their album in their home town of Brighton at the Green Door Store. I wasn’t asked to take photos like last time but I had my camera with the 50mm lens with me as always, so I took a few. I didn’t go all out because I wanted to concentrate on the show, and what a show it was! Music, dancing and drama too. Plus there was someone filming so I didn’t want to get in his way. I’m happy with the shots I did get though, I’m please with how the 50mm performed in that setting and Pete (one half of the band) was happy with the shots too.

Becky Becky Album Launch 2

Becky Becky Album Launch 4

Becky Becky Album Launch 3

Becky Becky Album Launch 1

Becky Becky Album Launch 5

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