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Listen | Neil Gaiman on stories

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Do stories grow? Pretty obviously — anybody who has ever heard a joke being passed on from one person to another knows that they can grow, they can change. Can stories reproduce? Well, yes. Not spontaneously, obviously — they tend to need people as vectors. We are the media in which they reproduce; we are their petri dishes… Stories grow, sometimes they shrink. And they reproduce — they inspire other stories. And, of course, if they do not change, stories die.

The prolific writer Neil Gaiman is as listenable as he is readable, whether he’s reading his own books or giving talks. Here the author of the classic Sandman comics, Stardust, Neverwhere and most recently The Ocean at the End of the Lane, suggests stories are a life-form obeying the same rules of genesis, reproduction, and propagation that organic matter does. He does so in his characteristically humorous, intellectually informed and engaging manner.

Read | Thinking

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Watch | Kerouac, the Movie (1985)

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Directed by John Antonelli this wonderfully concise documentary about the author of the most famous beat generation era novel On The Road guides you through Jack Kerouac’s brief life. From this childhood to his untimely demise. Some insightful commentary and stories from his friends and acquaintances and the cheesiest interview which bookends the film.

Read | Proust

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Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past is of course a classic text. Epic in length almost no one has actually read it. This doesn’t stop innumerable situations, works of art, encounters and anything else being described as Proustian.  Well now you can download and read all volumes of it for free thanks to

  • Swann’s Way
  • Within a Budding Grove
  • The Guermantes Way
  • Cities on the Plain
  • The Captive
  • The Sweet Cheat Gone
  • Time Regained


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