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Listen | The Waves by Virginia Woolf

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the waves2

I’m currently on a Virginia Woolf obsession. The last book I read was To The Lighthouse which I found wonderful, I love her creative, descriptive and abstract writing. I also like her short stories, particularly  Street Haunting.

I’m reading Virginia Woolf’s celebrated play poem The Waves at the moment, which is apt because national poetry was just a couple of days ago here in the UK.

I’ve found a old BBC Radio 3 play on Youtube which is quite exciting so enjoy.


Listen | Raymond Carver – “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love.”

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Listen to the man himself reading his most famous story. Recorded in 1983 for a radio show it is the only known recording of Raymond Carver reading his most well known story.

If the name of the story sounds familiar it may be because it is the story on which the play in the recent film ‘Birdman’ is based.

Listen here

Listen | Samsa & Seuss

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What if Kafka’s Gregor Samsa wrote to Dr Seuss to help him with his aliment? Maybe it would go like this:

“Is metrical rhyme an American mode of correspondence?”

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