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Art of the Title

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“At Art of the Title, we are the leading online resource of title sequence design, spanning the film, television, conference, and videogame industries. Featuring title design from countries around the world, we honor the creators and innovators who contribute to the field, discussing and displaying their work with a desire to explicate, facilitate, and instigate.” – —Ian Albinson, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Art of the Title

This is a good find – a site that collates and celebrates the art of film title sequences. We all know that they are pieces of art on their own. This site gives us an opportunity to enjoy them singularly or in collections which are put together under themes, such as the title work of the celebrated illustrator Saul Bass or the films of David Fincher. Most interestingly there are collections such as tension in title sequences and single shot sequences.

I really like Saul Bass design so I’ve included it above – be sure to check the site.

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